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Mar 31, 2009
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Picture Rocks, PA
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I've been tinkering in Photography for the last 8 months, I lived in Germany for 11 years and I have some wonderful pictures from there.

I have 4 years until I retire and I think this would be a great second job if I do well. I appraciate the CC on this site,,,,it does help....

I live in central PA now in a little town called Picture Rocks. Nice little town with alot of places for the photography trade.

Hope to learn alot of things from the members here.....

Have a great year.....

R. Eddy
Robert Eddy,
Echo Valley Photography
Welcome to the boards from a fellow Pennsylvanian! I'm from Fleetwood! Lots of good information and help here - enjoy.
Same as Dagwood, welcome from a fellow Pennsylvanian. I'm over here near Pittsburgh currently watching the Devils at Pens game.

Let's Go Pens!!!
welcome to the forum, cant wait to see some of your shots :)

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