Hello from Quebec, Canada!


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Jul 22, 2013
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Quebec, Canada
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Hi guys!

I bought a Sony SLT-37a camera without knowing anything about it (FAIL) 2 weeks ago. After playing with it and reading reviews, I quite like it for the beginner I am.

I am from Quebec, Canada. I speak French (so sorry for mistakes!) and I am leaving for a 6 months trip in Japan in a month.

I started getting interested in photography 3-4 years ago when I got into the tuning scene. I started with a Panasonic Point-&-Shot, upgraded to a Nikon L110 and now with the Sony DSLR. I hope I will be able to get good feedback from this forum so I can become better!

Bonjour, et bienvenue! I'm from Montreal and there are quite a few francophones on this forum. Language aside, it's a good place to learn. Share what you have, ask what you need to know, and the nice thing is, if you've got an internet connection in Japan, there are a number here who come from there.
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome to the site.

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