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Apr 15, 2009
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Hi everyone. I just wanted to introduce myself, I just joined up. A little about myself: I am an amatuer photographer and digital artist. I shoot a Nikon D80 with the kit lens (18-55) and I also have a 55-200 VR lens which I never use. ;)

I am a photoshop guy and I love to post process and I think that's ok. Whatever it takes to make a great image is my only rule.

I am also starting up a blog about amatuer photography called Almost Pro Foto and would love to get feedback from anyone. Ideas, criticisims, etc. Take a look if you have some time!

You can also see my photos at my website, or at Flickr.

See you around the forums!

Matt Voran

Took a look at your photos - you definitely have a style going. Don't hesitate to start posting here!
Hiya Matt, and welcome. I agree with what Harmony said...let's see you post some pics here!

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