Hello from Sunny Southern California!


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Mar 19, 2009
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Be-ahhh-utiful Southern California
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Hi my name is Kelly Koziol, I am lucky to live in beautiful southern california, great for photography 364 days out of the year (what I think it rained once a few months ago... for 5 min, what a terrible day that was). I all seriousness I'm an Oregon girl at heart so the rain doesn't bother me much (psss I even miss it sometimes, don't tell).

Anyways, I wouldn't say I'm new to photography, although I am new to owning a DSLR, I can't really remember a time in my life were I wasn't the shutterbug at the party, even back in my disposable camera days.

I love to shoot people, especially outdoors, especially mushy gushy in love couples...I love bright colors and cool textures. I have a degree in psychology... I think this helps me w/ my photography, oddly enough.

I talk alot. Can you tell?

Excited to be here!

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