Hello from the Mitten...and now Indiana.


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Jul 18, 2013
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Indianapolis, IN
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Hello! Well my name is Kara. I just moved from Michigan to Indiana. The move is partially what kicked my butt into gear with photography. I am in loooove with the medium. :heart:
I shoot digital and analog. I own a Yashica Mat TLR and am in the market for a 35mm SLR. I joined this forum because I am self taught and therefore have so many questions and things I want to learn. I also love community. Being the new girl in town I don't know any local creatives --yet!
Anyway, many thanks in advance to you all! I'm sure ill have lots of noob questions to annoy you all with soon enough. ;)

-Kara Elizabeth
Welcome to the site.
Many of us can handle noob questions without blowing a gasket. Welcome to TPF! I too own a Yashica twin-lens reflex.
Hello and welcome to the site Kara!

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