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Mar 13, 2009
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Hey, my name is Emily.
I currently live in Berkshire :D

I did photography for one of my GCSEs so I have a basic insight! I like nature photography and 'natural' pictures of people - no posing. Almost as if they are oblivious that a picture is being taken of them.

Is everyone looking forward to the weekend? Does anyone have any plans?
Hi there Emily, and welcome to TPF!

No exciting plans for me this weekend. Some exercise, some work, some shopping etc etc. How about you?
It was my man's birthday... so I was subjected to watching him play the playstation for 3/4 of the day :lol:

How did you first get into photography?
Cheers for the warm welcome!

How did everyone get into photography?
I've always loved looking at photographs, so it was a logical step to start taking them myself. And it lets me hide behind the camera rather than be in pictures when group shots are being taken.

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