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Sep 28, 2010
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Beaverton, OR
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Name is Justin. 26 yrs. old. I took a couple community college classes a few years ago so OBVIOUSLY I'm the bee's knees! The utmost knowledgeable professional on this forum...uhhh, no. Actually I consider myself an amateur recreational photography enthusiast. I just like taking pictures on occasion and playing around in Pshop if I like an image enough.

I'm sure this forum is geared a little more towards D/SLR/Film photography, so for that I have my Honda Civic of DSLR's (an older Canon Rebel xT w/ kit lens I bought on ebay). I haven't done much shooting with it lately because I just don't set aside enough "me" time anymore. I have 3 jobs so ya know...time isn't always abundant.

Though I have my REAL camera (the Honda previously mentioned), I'm really excited I just bought an Olympus Stylus Tough 8010. I bought this little waterproof P&S because I'm going to Hawaii for the first time ever and dammit I want to take as many pictures as I can of everything everywhere because I will probably never have the time or money to go back!

I'm aware most if not all of these waterproof cameras sacrifice some image quality but I'm hoping I get a lot of use out of this camera because I've never owned a P&S before and it seems so much more practical for social events.. It's really annoying being with a group of friends and being like LET ME TAKE YOUR PICTURE!! ..only to carry around and bust out a big ol' DSLR...

Anyways (I ramble), Hope I have fun around here. I will post some of my older stuff to start out (in the appropriate section(s) of this forum) but here is an intro pic:


Thanks! :)


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