hello from the uk - question about nichola kelly


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Jun 3, 2013
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hello again

i am a school student (15 years old) doing a project on the photographer Nichola Kelly. I can't find any information on her apart from what i already know (which is not very much) could someone pls give me some information or links to some sites that could help me.

many thanks
I got many hits on Google.

I'm going to resist clicking on any of the websites just in case you are a troll fishing for hits.
I got many hits on Google.

I'm going to resist clicking on any of the websites just in case you are a troll fishing for hits.

Yeah I got several hits as well and most of them were for her pictures...as you would expect for a photographer. However my teacher wants us to not only find pictures of N. Kelly, but also some information on the woman herself and possible descriptions/critiques of her work. Its on the latter that I've being drawing a blank!

But thanks for the reply

Whats trolling!

Could it be that someone wants a little help with their stalking?

The above is M's mum's reply and I am M's Step Dad....and unfortunately it was my idea on thinking of asking a Photography forum site for information on the above mentioned photographer, as she was really whinning about not finding sufficient info ....so she came here!!!!!!!

For a budding young enthusiast in photography, you've have been really helpful..NOT. More to to the point I pointed out to her that maybe that the world is made up of ****ers and maybe she should not look to a future career in said field....maybe your site has accomplished putting her off!!!!!!
Al-right people calm down!

There is no harm in asking for help or advice in photography related matters, that is after all what this forum is built and intended for from the very beginning. Let us remain respectful to new members and not start with the wisecracks on people who are new to the community.

I will also add that new members can significantly help themselves gain improved results by adding more detail about their situation. In the case of this specific question the OP could open up and give some more specific details on what they have found, websites as well as rough reference material or information. Having an idea of what resources they've already tried means that they improve the chances that people will:

1) Not repeat information to them that they already have found through their referenced sources

2) Show that they are not just posting to get other people to do "all" their homework for them

Even if you've not found much a summary of the resources you have accessed and tried to reference information from can help.

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