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Aug 17, 2020
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Hi everyone, I'm David from Toronto -actually I'm originally from Seoul, South Korea, but I'm currently residing (stuck) here in Toronto lol.

Hope you are all staying safe during these times and have photography projects that are keeping your morale afloat.

Currently, I'm back to shooting random street photography in 35mm film format, which has been a fantastic way to spend all this free time.

The industry here in Toronto seems to be completely dead and I'm debating whether to move back to Seoul or not.

Anyhow, would love to chat and discuss anything related to photography!
Anyong haseyo, David. I had the pleasure to spend a year in your wonderful country in the early 80's, courtesy of the US Air Force. My duty station was Kunsan. Hope you can share some of your photos from home.
The last time I was back home was in 2017, and unfortunately I didn't take much photos while I was there (I was working in Europe and it was a very short vacation to see my family).

Also I'm not entirely sure, but I think my dad was stationed in Gunsan as well! It was when I was still a baby though in the late 80's.

Have you visited since? A whole lot has changed since the 80's.

Here are a few snaps I took during my stay:
123117 - Korea-1.jpg

123117 - Korea-11.jpg

123117 - Korea-4.jpg
123117 - Korea-5.jpg
I'm not from Toronto by the way.
No, I haven't been to ROK since my deployment. I really wish I had been interested in photography when I was there. I saw so very many things I'd love to have pics of. I often wonder about the local fellow we had working with us in our shop. He and his family were so welcoming and nice to us GI's.
Welcome aboard.
Hi David,

You photos are interesting. I live near Shanghai, and it looks very similar to what I see here in China. Stay healthy and be well. From one Noob to another, welcome. The water seems warm, so dive right in! :)

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