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Mar 4, 2012
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Albany, NY
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I'll give you guys a bit of background about me in case any of you actually care to read this stuff
Names Mackenzie (Guy with girl name as my wife always says to me
) from upstate New York albany area. Lived here all my life, its a love hate relationship though I really cannot complain. One of the few areas where you can enjoy every season, and all kinds of awesome attractions and places can be had within a 4 hour drive in any direction. I have always been interested in photography since I was about 3-4 years old. My Uncle owns a Local studio in which he does everything on the premises. My father also owned his own studio as more of a hobby/side job (Police officer of 21 years) and sister company of my uncles studio. My father has been out of the photography game for quite some time after an accident while on duty which resulted in a tough few years and closing of his studio.I always had a camera in my hand and always loved shooting anything and everything I could, my uncle and father always told me I had an eye for photography even if at the time when I was little they were not the greatest.It's been quite a long time since Ive thought of being serious with any sort of photography. Always had my point and shoot or my phone handy for catching those quick moments, always thinking after the fact that I'd love to maybe try doing this a bit more seriously but never following through with it. Photography is a very moving thing for me seeing other peoples photographs and I hope someday I'll be able to show something that moves someone else in the same way so many others have moved me.Last month I finally said the hell with it and purchased a Nikon D5100 (Im a Nikon loyalist, 20 years of family influence lol) well the wife after 2 weeks got mad at me hogging it all the time, and already knowing I wanted more shiny knobs then the 5100 offered, I sprung and got a D90 for myself, I know it is a bit antiquated these days but I got it for a great price and figure it will do me just fine and take a while before I can out perform what the D90 has to offer. I can tell you though, I love shooting with the D90 much more then the D5100, its heavier which I like, and so much easier to move about adjustments.I'm basicly still getting familiar with photograhpy again, just doing a lot of experimenting and shooting whatever catches my eye, along with planning future shots as I drive around and see places, things and people that catch my eye and think will look great.I'm not a purist I will admit. I do love my photo editing
Maybe that will go away as I get better, but I love to over saturate my photos and play with things in Lightroom.
Welcome aboard.

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Thank you sir! Are there any workshops around this area? Would love to find one to attend even if its a few hour drive.

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