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Jan 30, 2012
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I live in Illinois to be precise. I heard about this forum by doing a google search for photography forum. I got a Canon Rebel t2i for doing pictures of the kids instead of going to Sears, and my brother has an older Rebel XT that I was always jealous of. I have only shot about 450 photos and starting to learn the aperture and shutter speed and iso settings. I am still completely retarded when it comes to pictures, and I have yet to get photoshop to "finish" my pictures or anything, but for now I'm just practicing my camera settings. I already am looking for a flash and extras just for the fact that once I got the camera my buddy wants me to shoot his wedding (to save money not based on my skills whatsoever :lol:) I'm learning that a tripod is going to be my next investment since I can't hold the camera steady for some of the required shutter lengths and I don't want to use ISO 3200 for all the grainy noise. Hope I don't embarrass myself too much on here :thumbup:

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