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Aug 18, 2013
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Western NY
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Hello all.... came upon TPF via searching for some tips on using my new Canon 3Ti (600D). Specifically was looking to see if there was a way to beat the 4GB 12 minute video limit. Awesome that I ran into Magic Lantern! I have it installed and it tested out nicely. Like how it auto starts a new file at the threshold limit of file size.

After that I did a search for fireworks video and picture taking tips and seeing a ton of information, plus noticing what looks like a very good community, I decided to join up with 'ya all.

Just an armature nature photographer here. Took many thousands of pictures with my old Fuji Fine Pix S602z camera (a camera ahead of its time) while hiking the woods around my home. Looking to perfect my fireworks taking ability. Fireworks is a great hobby / passion of mine.

Father of eight, husband of one wife, four grand kids and no gray hair yet, at 53, 'tis me.... {grin}. Having the greatest wife in the world makes that easy to accomplish!

Enough about me for now.... :mrgreen: thanks for allowing me to join up.
Hello and welcome to the forum!
Welcome fellow WNYer!
Welcome fellow WNYer!

Lived in the city for many decades, out in the south towns now. Been to Zoar Valley or Franklin Gulf County Park?

I don't actually live in the city. I'm also in the south towns Eden to be exact. I have a good friend who lives in Collins and his father and sister live in Zoar. I have been to Franklin Gulf Park and actually had a rescue call there last year where a woman had fallen off her horse and we ended up flying her out via Mercy Flight. I've also held rappelling drills in Franklin Gulf Park.
Welcome to the site.
BAH!!You western NY'ers are starting to get as uppity as dem darn city NY'ers...............J/K,and welcome aboard from a central NY'er....;)

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