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Dec 26, 2007
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Southern Indiana
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Jim. I'm a beginner photographer from a small town in Indiana, I became interested in photography after my brother started and I saw a beautiful range of shots on deviantart and other websites. I've been interested for over a year, but I finally ordered a Canon 400D with some accessories, but no lenses. It should arrive within a couple 3-4 hours. I've been browsing the forum for a while so I feel like I already know some of you from reading around the forums.

Well, enough of the biography. Glad to be a part of this forum, and I plan to be here for some time to come.

welcome to the forum :)
Welcome to TPF.

After you decide on a lens, post some photos.
Hello Jim, glad to have you aboard.
Welcome to TPF.

After you decide on a lens, post some photos.

Well I have the kit lens, but I plan to buy a couple lenses after I learn more. My brother-in-law has a lens that he bought from Ebay that didn't work for this camera, so if it fits mine and works rather well, I may buy it. He bought it for $75 so I'm sure he won't ask that or more.

I'll post some pictures soon :)

Thank you for the welcome, everybody.

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