Hello, I'm from Virginia Beach, VA!


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Nov 25, 2007
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Virginia Beach, VA
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Hi my name is Steven.
I'm 22 working full-time, school part-time
(to become a Honda mechanic soon).
I joined this site because I've always been into photography.
I've owned a few point&shoot digi cameras a few years ago but never got serious about it.
Well, that time has come and I want to get into photography as a hobby and just be able to get out there and enjoy it.

I just literally joined this site tonight. Hoping to learn more and distinguish a beginner camera to start with.

looking into a canon or a nikon.

Thank you!
Hi Steven, welcome.

BTW Steven, I like NIKON. (I just learned today that it's pronounced nee-con as in artist)
Welcome aboard.
thanks guys.

anybody from the virginia beach area?

where's a good place to start looking for cameras? ive been looking on ebay, circuitcity, radioshack, bestbuy, and this forum as well.
Welcome to TPF, Steven.

The places you listed are a good start. Also B&H Photo (link is at the top right hand side of the page)...you might get better help from an actual camera store than from a 'big box' store that happens to sell cameras.
I'm in NC, just south of you.

I try to stay away from the big boxes, but that's a personal decision. You will or should get better personal service from an actual camera shop. B&H are hard to beat for on-line prices.
virginia beach, born and raised.
Welcome...I'm just outside Richmond.
I'm in Richmond (west end). I haven't ever met any other TPF members though. Everyone's scared to discover I'm not an ogre.
Live in Portsmouth. I got my XTi on craigslist. checked it every week around hampton roads, richmond, and northern va areas. Loads of stuff here to shoot. Have fun and GL Jeremy
Hi Steven! Its nice to meet you (and someone from my area too! hehe) Honda huh... :greenpbl: My hubby races a 2000 Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS. (No, not the turbo.. but that would be MY fault hehe. I wont let him buy it yet.)

Anyways.. welcome to the forum!


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