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Jan 28, 2012
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Hi guys,

I badly needed some help about enhancing pictures that's why I just used Google and typed in "Photography Forum" and you are the #1 site there.
I guess I'm still a beginner with a lot of idea about photography. I don't have a DSLR camera yet. I"m just using an ordinary panasonic lumix, 8 m.p and it's
the one that has a bit of a long lenses. It's just an ordinary point and shoot camera but it the captured pictures looked like it was from a DSLR because
of the editing lol.

I know when I was still growing up, I'm into Photography and Film Making. The way I capture pictures, I know the right angle to use, the right exposure,
everything. I just use my instincts and common sense.

Anyway I'm hoping you guys will help me improve my camera and editing skills here.

Welcome, Karlo. Good to know that TPF is #1 on the search results, because YES, we ARE the best photo forum there is!

Post up some pics and let us tear them to shreds for you....uh, no, I mean...let us give you sound, constructive criticism on them. :lol:
Seriously, you *might* want to read several past C&C threads so you get an idea of what to expect. Do NOT expect a lot of pats on the back, or statements about how you should be a professional...that's just probably not going to happen. But DO expect a lot of very good advice about how to improve.
Welcome to the boards. As already stated, post some photos and yes do definately read some old C&C post so you will know what to expect. Some, infact most of the critiques you will get are not gonna be pats on the back and "ata boys". They may, at times, seem very harsh and even down right rude. Remember, it is a critique, it's nothing personal. It's only to make you better. So, before posting your first photo, grow some thick skin and prepare listen carefully to what the good folks here are trying to tell you. Welcome aboard.
Welcome to TPF! What do you need to know? Post some shots...

p.s. I firmly believe in criticising without being a dick about it ;)

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