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Mar 29, 2006
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Hey everyone, I thought I would introduce myself here since that is what this board is here for. I'm a college sophomore (in a non-photography major) but enjoy photography as a hobbie. I almost always have a camera on me and always take lots of pictures at events I am at, and know all of the features of any camera I have. I enjoy taking pictures in low light situations - using exposure and shutter speed and taking advantage of the lights. In addition to my main digital I also frequently use a Polaroid SX-70 Land Camera Alpha. I would like to add a flash to it sometime, but they are discontinuing the film for it so I either have to change my plans or modify the camera.
hello. i too am also new here. just wanted to say hi. like you, i am also intrigued by the medium. i actually graduated from college about a year ago. i was a film/video major but got really into photography towards the end. studio stuff, large format... but i appreciate all factions... digital, film... whatever. i haven't really done much shooting, or anything creative for that matter, since last may. but i'm starting to get back in the game thanks to some friends of mine.

i'm actually thinking about purchasing a camera sometime soon. i'd like to get something professional... not too pricey, but i guess with digital cameras, you really don't have an option. any suggestions?

a friend of mine recently received a Leica digital/film camera for her birthday.... price tag: $10,000... sheesh... what i would give to mess around with that thing.

Welcome to both of you! I hope you enjoy your stay at TPF. Post often, share your experiences.
Welcome to TPF! :D

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