Hello! I'm Valis from Israel :]

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    Well actually that's just my nickname :]
    It's just the title of one of the many sci-fi books I adore.

    My name is Gilad, I'm from central Israel (so small, yet it does differ).
    We have here pretty good photography schools and courses, but as a soldier finishing soon his service and a total novice (not even) I have no reasonable cause to spend money and time which I have really none of as a solider (about 100US$ a month).
    Other then that I think it's the most reasonable to start with photography as a hobby and introducing yourself to the subject first.

    My curiosity of photography aroused after taking more serious interest in film, especially after watching The Passion of Joan of Arc, which I found very original and moving in which the camera (or what was in the frame, how it was in the frame and what was NOT in the frame) took a major part in.

    I hope I can get helped here and help
    other when the time allows me to
    and enrich my experience and others.



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