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May 23, 2006
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Hey all,
My names Josh Ford. 21 years old. Film/TV major graduated from Boston U. Lived up and down the east coast and happy to be home.
I originally started here because I am using 35mm Lenses with an adapter for my Panna Dvx100a prof mini dv camera. Excited to learn more about lenses still photography and include acquired knowledge in my future work.
Inspired by this forum and my new angles of filming I am currently working on a side project which is a moving photoalbum. Capturing the world with each frame making a "good" still photo. Exposing textures and looking at life in "macro".
AKA Using motion film to capture the world as if still photography.
If anyone would be interested in working on projects with me, my company is always doing something and always looking for some extra hands. Thank you for taking the time to read about lil ol me.
Welcome aboard, Josh! :)
Welcome to TPF.

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