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Jun 1, 2013
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Good morning. I am not sure where I stand in skill level, but I will be sharing some of my recent photos, since purchasing my first (very own,instead of borrowing borrowed) DSLR . I was using my mom's Olympus E-300 the last few years whenever I needed any good quality pictures of my kids that I would take , as well as of the dolls I sell on&off.
My primary reason for buying my camera was to just have good quality photos when I take pictures, especially of my own children. And the only camera I have ever owned in my adult life was a 7megapixel kodak easy share. My mom is professional when it comes to skill level. You can see her photos by visiting the link to her website (my profile) . She has helped me learn a few things and tries to explain things but I can't understand everything she tries to explain to me when she is across the country. She recommended finding a forum so here I am. ;-)

I want to be able to use my potential/talent to to do part time out door photos of families/children. Just to make a little extra money so I can continue to stay home with while my youngest is little. There is a LOT of competition in my area. And dare I say even people who obviously have little to no skill trying to advertise or promote their services. I don't want to compete with them,and have to buy all this studio equipment or be working full time. A little extra money part time is all I need. But if I can grow into more of a full time thing with out all the fancy stuff like a studio/props,etc.. when my youngest is no longer little that's fine by me too. So I hope I can learn a lot here. So far it looks like there is a ton of info !
edited to include :The website I included in my profile is my mom's but the direct link you will go to , is my own gallery within her site. I don't know how to resize photo on my computer yet, so the files were too large to put in my profile gallery .
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