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May 25, 2013
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God's Country, Southeastern Ky
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I've eyed this forum for several months now, and I love reading thru all the information. I've learned a lot just doing that. But I am wanting to post a picture for (for friendly, but useful) critique from time to time. I love photography, and would love to learn more, more, and then some more :lol: . Kind of excited to be here, I don't have any fancy equipment (and unfortunately no money to buy any!), just my very very basic Canon, the kit lens that came with it, and a couple of filters, oh yeah, and my cheap tripod, lol. I love nature, and that is what I love to photograph. I'm not good with people, LOL. Thank you all in advance for your help :D

Have a blessed day!

Kim in Kentucky..
Welcome to the site.
Hi Kim. We are from Leslie county. Might even be neighbors,, Have fun on here. Ed
Welcome aboard.Post some pictures when you can.
Welcome aboard.
Hello and welcome to the forum Kim!

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