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Sep 20, 2008
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Weston Super Mare
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I'm a photography student from Weston-super-Mare, I collect cameras and take a lot of photos, with different and usually unusual formats :) here are my cameras ^_^


and some of my photos are at Flickr: murlis' Photostream

Any comments and criticism would be welcome :)

Large and varied collection. You're to be congratulated if you actually remember how to work all of them.

OK, enough about the cameras - post photos.
Ok well here's some of my favourites, these ones are all taken with a Brownie camera.

img046 by murlis, on Flickr

img051 by murlis, on Flickr

4 by murlis, on Flickr

8 by murlis, on Flickr

7 by murlis, on Flickr

2 by murlis, on Flickr

The next few are taken on expired film in my Zorki 4K

CNV00007 by murlis, on Flickr

CNV00011 by murlis, on Flickr

CNV00021 by murlis, on Flickr

CNV00018 by murlis, on Flickr

CNV00035 by murlis, on Flickr

these three were on 1600 iso film in a Minolta

CNV00012 by murlis, on Flickr

CNV00033 by murlis, on Flickr

CNV00034 by murlis, on Flickr

and these are taken on my Sigma DP2

SDIM0114 by murlis, on Flickr

SDIM0089 by murlis, on Flickr

This is a Pinhole photo just to mix things up :)

img043-1 (dragged) 1 by murlis, on Flickr

i hope you like these, the rest can be seen on my Flickr which is accessed by clicking on any of the photos :) Comments and criticism welcome, no-one ever got better without criticism :)

Good eye! Mostly unusual stuff that works, which is very difficult to manage. Too many to comment on all. I particularly like the lighting and moodiness of CNV12 and the simplicity and composition of 8, 7 and 2. The portrait CNV35 is a good pose, but seems way too yellow.
Thankyou :) 35 does look very yellow, I think this is because the film was a daylight colour temperature when I was using it indoors, I don't normally go for direct portraits but it was a request from my mum :)

Really love your camera collection!!! Wish sometime has one.
Welcome to TPF Tom, brilliants shots you're showcasing here!
Very interesting shots. I would love to be so creative but I'm the one that always looks for the perfect shot and unhappy without it.
MeMeBev said:
Very interesting shots. I would love to be so creative but I'm the one that always looks for the perfect shot and unhappy without it.

Well this used to be me, but I think time and my ever increasingly crazy mind just leads me to experiment, even with the pinhole one. I can easily get bored of seeing the same perfect photos, as beautiful as they look.

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