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Aug 5, 2003
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Texas, USA
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Just getting into photography.
Am currently located in Texas, USA.
This place rocks (the forum, that is, not texas).
hey miki! welcome, hey i was looking into the maxxum 5 as well and i was told about another camer : the Fuji s5000 SLR FinePix Digital camera, it was just introduced and it should be on the market in september, it should be around 400$ street price, it comes with a 30-370mm stock lens, look into it! :D
Thanks for the warm welcomes.
Will look into the fuji, vegandrummer (do u play any drums?).
Also, just wondering - anyone here into goa/psytrance.
yeah, the music, and everything else that comes with it.
my hubby and i used to be into it til we got old :oops: ... but we can still appreciate it ... now its mostly heavy metal rock :D (Metallica, Motorhead, etc.)

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