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Feb 27, 2009
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Being new to this forum I will introduce myself as a lifelong "First Time" Grand MaMa as well as the Graphics instructor at a technical center for the last 20 years. Since I was a graduate of this technical center you should know I am very proud of my tech ed choice to follow the career of my dreams. Machines and Art all mixed together. Came upon this site because of my first scam trying to purchase camera's as well as a studio package for lighting. Thanks to all of you who write about all those bad companies our center did get to cancel our order after the call to the director to upgrade the lenses.

Would all of you help guide me to sites a school can afford and be able to put together a semi-professional digital studio. This is a weak area for me as I am technically a commercial graphic artist that used to do high end magazine work as well as run small offset presses as well as silkscreening in my lab. Now I have moved to all digital and LOVE IT.

The time spent researching web sites that are fraudulant have wore me OUT.:hail::hail:
Mrs. B
Hello Mrs. B, and welcome to TPF!

Sorry to hear of the difficulties you've been having. Not everyone reads the welcome threads, so you might get more of a response if you post your question in one of the other subforums (maybe 'general shop talk'?)
Welcome aboard.

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