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Mar 24, 2009
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ROME, Italy
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Ladies and gentleman, here I am. My name is Alessandro, I live in Rome and I'm just registered to this forum.
I'm looking for a place where it's possible to receive real comments to my photos (if you don't like a photo, please tell me why and give me suggestions). I'm absolutely not touchy at all, so feel free to tell me where I'm wrong!

I stardted taking pictures with my father using an old Praktika that I already have got.
Now I mostly use Nikon D70s, waiting to step up to D700 on next summer. I love film photos and now I use a Zeiss Ikon Contarex Super with 5 Zeiss lenses. I have closed the dark room and I don't think I will open it once more. :grumpy: When possible I'll get a Coolscan or similar...

Ok, now let's the photos do the talking!!

Thanks! I see you're from Toronto, wow I'll be there on next August with my wife, after our weeding!!

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