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Mar 13, 2009
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Buffalo NY
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Hi all, I am a new member who has referenced this site for a log time. At the risk of spending more time online and not shooting I have taken the plunge and joined. I am a photographer from Buffalo NY with a full time gig at New Era Cap. I shoot all the ads and the product for catalogs. It pays the bills.

My career aspirations are to shoot outdoor images (hunters/fishers) for some of the more prominent outdoor magazines, like Field and Stream, or Outdoor Life. I believe the people who participate in these activities are not only very interesting but have a story to tell and a tradition to protect.

I dabble in portraiture outside of work, embarking on what will hopefully be a successful first year of senior portraits. I enjoy taking engagement photos, but dislike weddings. I will shoot just about anything once. I enjoy conversing with people who are, if not more, passionate about photography as I am. I graduated from a fine art college, thus most of my questions are geared towards the marketing/business and the commercial side of photography.

Charles Waldorf

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