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    Hi everyone! My name is Vinny. I'm a new dad, and I bought a DSLR to take pictures of my all too fast moving newborn. Shortly after taking pictures of my new daughter, I came to realize how amazing it is to capture moments like the first few months of a new life. I quickly began researching photography in general going to the library etc, learning about lighting and composition. I've been out everyday with my equipment if not only for 20 minutes taking photos. Before I knew it, I had people asking me to do their engagement/wedding photos. I had zero intention to go professional, however I do see how profitable the industry is, and apparently I have a natural knack. I don't really see it, but hey if people wanna give me money to take photos, I'm all for it, its nice supplemental income and fuels my new found expensive hobby.

    So with that said, I'm just a dad who turned into a hobbyist. I figured I needed a place where I can continue to grow and share ideas, and well google led me here.


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