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Mar 10, 2012
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I'm Cherie. The only thing I want to do is photograph. I decided to try out TPF because I don't really know anyone else in the field personally. I figured this might be a good place to ask questions and learn a thing or two.
I'm a retail studio manager, which allows me to be a full-time photographer with a steady paycheck. I've been doing that for almost 5 years now. However, I grow tired of the same old thing at my "day job". I'm really anxious to grow my skill and become a better photographer outside of the "retail environment" studio atmosphere.
I use Nikon, mostly because that is what I learned on and I am familiar with it. I love my camera.
Hoping I can get what I've been looking for out of this.

Welcome! Please post some shots.. so we can see where you are! :)
$fabric1.jpgMy most recent failure...
$DSC_0070.jpg my niece in natural light, she's 2.5 now, so this isn't exactly recent, I just like it a lot. She was so tiny!
$DSC_4927.jpg yeah...
$DSC_9848 - Version 2.jpg I'm usually the only person around to practice with, so this is my first go at self-portraiture to play with lighting and flash. I desaturated a tad, but I am actually very pale. Most people think my pictures are over exposed unless there are other people in the picture with me, lol.

These are just a few for now. Probably not my best, just kind of a random picking, really. Meh.

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