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Aug 11, 2013
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I've come here looking for advice with my new hobby.

I have an old DSLR (canon 40D) and a very old kodak vigilant six-20 (takes 620 or 120 film)

I was wondering if any of y'all could direct me to a section of the forum which deals with:

a: people who are new to film
b: a section about 120 film
c: somewhere where i can get advice for astrophotography.

thanks, if you have any questions just ask ill answer the best i can.
Hi q! I've moved your thread over to our Film section, where we have both experienced and beginners to film posting here. :) Don't hesitate to ask anything! We have a Medium Format sub-forum where you might ask something more specific about 120 film or MF, too.

Astrophotography questions might best be posted in "Beyond the Basics", for starters.

Keep posting and have fun!
My kodak had a roll of kodacolor 400 in it... it was all completely exposed... what would i expect from something that hasn't been produced since the 60's...
Big difference between 120 and 110! Good luck trying to find 127 film.

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