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Aug 24, 2013
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Hello all,

Noob here, Only started to get in to Digital Photography since last Xmas thanks to the wife. Was bought a Nikon D3200 by her and have been playing around ever since (much to the wife's dismay). Have since bought a few lenses, couple of flash's, a couple of tripods as well as various other bits and pieces. My current obsession is Macro but have a soft spot for HDR as well. As Im still learning I don't have a certain style, still trying to anything and everything I see in various mags and online and look forwards to meeting others interested in the art of Photography.

Thanks and speak to some of you soon enough.
:thumbup: Welcome to TPF! :camera:

Photography is both artistic and technical. There are many technical aspects of digital photography, file types, computer displays, editing applications, etc to learn about.
Welcome to the party!!! We have some very talented macro photographers around here that I'm sure would love to answer any questions you have! Jump right in and get posting!! Can't wait to see what you've been up to!
Macro Photography
Hi GDHLewis, and welcome to the forum! Sounds like you have been bitten by the photography bug - there is no hope but to go with it. ;) Look around, settle in and definitely post some of your work!

Have fun!
Welcome to the site.

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