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Dec 20, 2015
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I stumbled across this forum on Google and thought I would join. I am currently a graphic design student from Oregon working on my last year of college. Next term I am required to take digital photography and I will be buying my first DSLR, it's both exciting and terrifying.

I have minimal experience with Canon from about five years ago when I lived with a professional photographer. Man I really wish I would have absorbed more information from them at the time.

I have, since signing up for the class, parked myself in front of the internet and have read/watched several different reviews on which camera to buy that's in my price range and my beginner level. But I also want something to grow into a bit. It would be great if I could get to a point where I can take shots of my own stock photos for projects.

After doing my own comparisons both online and in person I'm starting to lean towards Nikon. Either the D3300 or the D5500. About $400 different in price though so decisions must be made. D5500 and 3 months of nothing but ramen? Or settling with the D3300.

Or buying a completely different camera all together... phew, glad I narrowed that down... lol

I plan on doing a lot of reading on this forum and absorbing all the information that I can. I have always had an interest in photography and I am not upset about it being a mandatory class at all.

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