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Mar 18, 2006
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I am kind of new to the photography scene. I have been taking pictures for under a year with a Nikon D70. I have a friend who is a devout Canon follower so he has converted me. In the process of selling my camera, so that I Can get the new Canon 30D when it comes out. Anyway, I live in Washington DC so I always have the opportunity to take some beautiful photos, especially now that spring is here. I have been going over your pics and all of you have a lot of talent. I just hope that I Can one day impress you all like you have done me. You will all be hearing from me soon so take care!!

hello, welcome to the forum
welcome Goldeneyes, look forward to seeing your pics (i'd stick with the nikon if i were you!... ;) ) :mrgreen:
Hey GE, welcome to TPF.
hello goldeneyes i am new to here and photography too i look forward to reading your posts.
Welcome to TPF!

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