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Oct 12, 2005
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Castellón (Spain)
Hello friends. For a long time I have not been appearing this way. Been very I have occupied, but I hope to again share my photos and my time with all you. I have made a precious trip to Marrakech (Morocco), and have been able to capture many photographies. A strong hug from Spain.

Hola amigos. Hace tiempo que no aparezco por aquí. He estado muy ocupado, pero espero compartir de nuevo mis fotos y mi tiempo con todos vosotros. He realizado un precioso viaje a Marrakech (Marruecos), y he podido capturar muchas fotografías. Un fuerte abrazo desde España.

Ozzono, welcome back :D
I'm looking forward to seeing your new images.

This photo has a lot of emotion. Could you tell us who he is?
Hello woodsac, I am glad to salute you again. One is a old one with vision problems, and goes accompanied by a boy through the streets of Marrakech. In these cultures, much respect to the old ones is had. A hug. Sorry my english is very bad, jeje.

Hola woodsac, me alegro de saludar de nuevo. Se trata de un anciano con problemas de visión, y va acompañado por un chico a través de las calles de Marrakech. En estas culturas, se tiene mucho respeto a los ancianos. Un abrazo.
Thanks for the explanation.

Your english is fine :D Not understanding the culture, I thought maybe he was a man of great importance. It is nice to know that the elderly are respected.

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