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    I would like to know what do you think of his work, and books you would recomend about him. I have only 1 book "work" wich was interesting but I want more.

    Also I am looking for books of photographers that have his visual style, like Ellen Von Unwerth, (wich would help to know your opinions because I know little about her)

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    Where am I now?
    The two collections of his work I know of are 'White Women' and 'Sleepless Nights' but there may be others.
    As for serious books about him... can't help there. Newton was first and foremost a fashion photographer - his nudes were just a hobby. A lot of fashion photographers share this trait - Swannell and Wedge to name two contemporaries.
    There was a female photographer who copied his style almost exactly - can't remember her name but her pictures were used in the film 'The Eyes of Laura Mars' which played on some of the pseudo-violent images Newton produced.
    That chap who did the naughty pictures of Madonna for the infamous book based his style on Helmut.
    I believe Newton's wife was a Photographer in her own right working under the name of Alice Springs, but I could be mistaken.
    Newton's style was slick and impressive at first view and he used Amazonian women, all of which tend to seduce people for a while. But you eventually see that there is no real depth to his work, and once you get past the couple of in jokes that he continuously played with you grow out of him.
    He was a superb fashion photographer though.
    He has been very influential. You can see him in Bob Carlos Clarke's work and that of some others.

    (I have to admit that I used to have Newton's address and telephone number in Paris. I tried to get a work placement with him when I was at College but it never quite worked out for various reasons. Oh well...)
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    LOL, interesting info. Well I don't like Newton's work because of his depth but because of the fashion and the image he made of women. I don't personally look at it deeper than that, but most of his work strikes a nail when I see it. Specially since I would like to be a fashion photographer, hehe

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