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Jul 14, 2003
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I’ve been practicing shooting Concorde as it flies over my house and took this shot of it flying into the sunset. I really like this shot, although I know it has its problems, one of them being that I used the free film you get from Jessops so it’s a bit grainy but I really like it so would appreciate any tips on cleaning it up. I really want to get all the colours to show! I’m new to photography so really appreciate any help

Many Thanks


Ps I’ve put a little intro in the Introduce yourself section

Synergy said:
I ...would appreciate any tips on cleaning it up. I really want to get all the colours to show!

Hello Synergy

...welcome to the forum

Nice shot - thank you for sharing it with us

Would you please tell us what imaging software you have available and someone will take it from there...



Opps! I’m using Photoshop 7 and scanning the negatives using an Epson Perfection 1660 (flatbed).

...okay, well this comes under the general heading of "colour management" - which as you'll be aware is a highly complex subject

With PS7.0 you have all the necessary tools and there are several Photoshop whizzes on this Board

I'm an 'advanced' user myself (v6.01) - but it's late (1.20 am local time) and i need rest ... someone will be along soon who'll help, i'm sure, other wise i'll check back in the morning




P.S. could you replace your current image with a copy of less screen resolution? Those of us using 800x600 settings have to scroll madly sideways to follow this post

...hmm, i thought someone else might have jumped in here

Never mind, rested & refreshed, let's carry on

Here's some suggestions:

1. bone up on SCANNING

...a 3200DPI scan is unnecessary for the Web - 72DPI will suffice

2. not sure what affect you are trying to achieve (???)

...experiment with the "Channel Mixer"

The following adjustments gave me a pleasant result -

* Red Channel
Red +164%
Green +12%
Blue -22%

* Green Channel
Red -10%
Green +100%
Blue 0%

* Blue Channel
Red -18%
Green -12%
Blue +116%

3. "Clone" out the spots from your negative

4. "Sharpen" the image

If you have no idea what i am talking about, visit the GURU and learn how to use Photoshop

Hope this assists


Hi e_

Hope you you slept well! I’ve resized the image to 600x400 as requested and will read through the info on scanning- the author seems to feel quite strongly about 72dpi! I’m trying to bring out the artistic element of the picture ie The sun is finally setting on Concorde’s working life and here it is flying into that sunset. Shame Concorde is just a small silhouette! Thanks for your pointers, which I’ll put to use when I get home, as for the spots, they appeared during the scan but I’ll be re-scanning the image, anyway Fortunately I have some experience with photoshop, but I’m far from an expert!

Many Thanks for your help and sorry for the hurried post...i'm at work!

...many thanks for your feed back

The advice of scanning images at 72DPI for the Web (or viewing on a monitor) is simply good sense because we cannot discern any difference above that resolution when using this medium

When printing, a scan at 300DPI is all that's necessary - the human eye cannot discern a difference nor an improvement in image quality above that

Higher scans simply make bigger files...

With regards the spots on your image, this is usually caused by dust on your negative or the scanner



Hi George!
For what it's worth, I think it's a terrific shot!
When you get it the way you want please post again.
Thanks and good luck.

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