HELP! I'm stuck in Digital Hell, Diamage 7, Nikon 5700, G-5


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Aug 23, 2003
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Portland Oregon, USA
which one would you all recommend? I am looking for a great Digital to replace my lame but trusty Minolta 3xi.... I want to be able to grow with the camera as my experience grows. I have read every review i can on them and i can't decide, they are all within a couple hundred dollars of each other so cost isn't an issue.

Also does anyone know the differences between the Minolta Diamage 7, 7i, and the 7HI. Other then case color i haven't found any comparison information.

I have read others talking about the G-5 and the Nikon 5700 in the forums before, but i haven't seen any mention of the Minolta 7, anyone have any experiences with it? If so please share them.

Also, this may sound stupid but i have to ask cuz i don't know, the Minolta, does it use the same lenses as their 35mm counterparts? It sort of looks like it, but i find it difficult to believe that.

Thanks :D


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