Help me figure out which Yongnuo I need for wireless sports photography (D300/700)


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Jun 29, 2013
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Tokyo, Japan
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I'm getting frustrated searching for this information online so hopefully someone can help make things clearer.

My gear: D300, D700, purchasing a D4 soon, SB-900 (only use it for club events & occasional portrait/fashion shoots), whole lotta lenses

What I shoot: 95% concerts and soccer games, which are on the whole flash-free environments.

What I need: Since I'll have three cameras after I get the D4, what I'd like to do is be able to set up either the D300 or D700 behind the goal at a soccer game (see this pic for reference) and have it (and potentially the SB-900, since depending on the match photogs are allowed to place strobes behind the goal) on a wireless trigger. I'm not looking to have it slaved to my 'primary' camera; I just want something with a trigger that I can activate independently with a remote.

I live in Japan so I can't buy a PocketWizard (their distributor agreement expired in 2011 and it can't be imported because it involves radio frequencies) so Yongnuo appears to be my only chance. Would gladly welcome any suggestions for alternatives that I could purchase here, though.

Thanks in advance!
If you're limited to the Yongnuo's, get a set of RF-603's (N1 would have the shutter cable for the 700). They are the latest version which are transceivers (any unit can both transmit and receive). I used them for a bit before I upgraded to Phottix Odin's but I still use them for wireless shutter release. They have worked well for me but they aren't built as solid as I would like. i.e. one good hit with the soccer ball would probably destroy it!

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