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Apr 5, 2009
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Fort Chronic, Colorado
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So i have a olympus somthing or other from the 70's and i really like it but the person i am borrowing it from wants it back so i searched for a new camera.

On craigslist i found camera A: a canon AE-1 with one Toyo Zoom Macro lens 35-107, F3.5 (whatever that means) and a flash going for 95$.

And camera B: a canon AE-1 with all this stuff
35 mm lens
35-75 mm zoom
camera film drive/power winder
vivitar 2600 flash
all manuals
cleaning equipment
camera bag
going for 150$.

So the question is, is the canon AE-1 a good camera and if so what is the better deal?
Are you 100% set on a film camera? Have you considered the cost of film processing?
GO DOC! The AE-1 is a great camera. One of the best film SLR's. Up there with the Nikon FM's, the Minolta sr and X series and the Pentax K1000. (I know the Nikon is above all else but humor me.) I would go with what's behind door number 2, Monte. But if at all possible, look over the goods first.

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