Help me speak American English?


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Oct 16, 2012
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Wow, awesome folks! The reason for why I chose American English, is because my girlfriend is half-American, and spends a semester there now. I'm visiting this summer, and I may meet some of her family. I don't want to speak oxford English ;) And I think it's more pleasant to listen to, frankly, than most of the English dialects. In Norway, we are taught British English all the way, with the few exceptions with some chapters about America.

And Alex, I haven't seen Fargo, but I suspect I know what sort of ugly dialect that is. The folks from the eastern parts are often the worst. Their vocabulary isn't so bad, but the way they say the words might be. :)

There are some famous well-known Norwegians with famous English quotes. Petter Solberg, for instance. Anyone of you know what "demper" is :)

Anyway, I'll see if I can't record fairly soon. Thank you for the help!

I think I have trouble with proper pronunciation of "r". It's quite different from Norwegian.

haha Hollywood himself! Wrc is always a good place to hear English with foreign accents. Gronholm was always my favorite.
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