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Oct 14, 2010
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I want to know how to do this to my pictures. The black around it with the logo/signature at the bottom.
As you see in these photos.
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If this is not your photo, you might want to take it off.

Site Rules...
But I'm just wondering how to do it, I'm not stealing it or anything.
I know... but they get picky about rules around here from time to time.

Try the search on this site for sigs and then framing photos. There is ample knowlege to be sorted out on this site. Just have to find it. You can also find some great videos on you tube that tell you and show you!

Welcome and I hope you find what you are looking for.
But I'm just wondering how to do it, I'm not stealing it or anything.
If it's not yours, and you copy it...that is a form of stealing, or copyright infringement.

You can link to someone else's photo all day long.

Here in the US, copyright is Federal law. In other words when you copy someone else's photo without permission, you are violating federal law.

You can visit and learn more.

You use image editing software and first add black canvas to the image, then you use the Type tool to add the text, or you import an image of a logo. I made the following in Photoshop in about 60 seconds. It can be done with free image editing software like GIMP too.

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