Help! My Flasi Imager isn't working right!

Discussion in 'Photography Equipment & Products' started by fishwaffle, Apr 15, 2007.

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    I just picked up a bunch of studio equipment, and I desperately need help with a Flasi Imager. I can't get the flash on it to fire, and none of my Google searching has turned up anything useful. The closest I have come is this .pdf file, which contains my other flash that has "Flasi Imager" on the side of it.

    The flash in question is a QuarTz Flasi Imager, model QF-150/120.

    Here is a picture of the entire rear end:
    The continuous bulb turns on and works great and the brightness adjuster is flawless.

    Up at the top of the console lies the flash business:
    When the switch is all the way to the right, the red LED with the smaller lightning bolt (on the right) turns on. In any other spot, I get nothing from either LED. The button beneath the LEDs, presumably there to fire the flash, does nothing.

    If anybody has experience with this flash, or knows of/can find a website with information about it, I would greatly appreciate it! :wink:


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