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Apr 30, 2006
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I am using a Minolta Maxxum-5 SLR 35mm camera to take pictures of the calls that the fire department responds to. My problem is that at night, the darkness and reflective materials on the trucks and gear really messes up my shots... Is there a way to combat this? I normally shoot 400 spd film. Will going up to 800 be better? The flash from the camera is bounced back by everything as well... it really ruins the photos... what can I do about this?

Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

In short, no. That super-reflective stripey stuff is designed to do its job - reflect. Your options are pretty much limited to pushing up the ISO, getting a faster lens and minimising the amount of flash used. Even if you take a flash off camera and use a smaller aperture, you won't be able to entirely cut out the reflections as those stripes are designed to reflect at all angles and be visible.

What are you using the photos for? How big are they going to be enlarged to?

What kind of lens are you using? You'll want something f/2.8 or faster if you are going to be shooting available light hand held at night.

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