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Apr 25, 2006
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North East UK
I was passing a market the other day and seen a stall selling some photography stuff. Noticed a set of bellows.



Theycame complete with a Carl Ziess Jenna Tessar 50mm 2.8 lens...Which I've read are hard to get hold of???
Now my question.....the bellows came with a mount but it's obviously not the correct one for my 350d and way to small.


The upper part fits to a camera body while the lower part fits the bellows and is held in by a srew fitted on bellows.
Does anyone know what the part is called that would fit these bellows and my 350d?
can I get an adapter to fit this mount and my 350d? If so, what's it called?
Sorry for my lack of knowledge here, any help would be much appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

Oh! the bellows only £8 complete so nothing lost and are UNITOR.
It really depends on what the mount is. There are some adapters that will allow other mount types to fit on the EOS cameras. Maybe try a camera shop and see what type of mount the bellows fits as a first stop. Try someplace that sells used equipment along with new.
What you need is a one of these T-Mount Adapters like this:

Make sure you get the T-Mount -> ??? whatever your pet lens mount is, of course. EOS, whatever.

Then, you take it apart. These adapters are generally made of two parts, although they don't look it. There are three very tiny set screws around the outside, you can just see one of them in the photo for this auction. Take those loose enough so the two parts come apart. One part will have the ridge on it just like your example. The other will be your pet lens mount.

That's the end you mount on your camera.

One typically does not use one's 'normal' lens on the end of the bellow - the draw would be too long, the macro too severe. You need an enlarger lens or a specialized bellows lens. I'd bet that is what your Zeiss Tessar is actually for. I'd use it, if it is clean and clear, it is most likely a cracker.

Simple enough, best of luck!
Cheers guys.
Markc....thanks for your reply, part of the problem is I don't know what the mount is. I did actually take it into a local photography shop and to my surprise he said he didn’t know what kind of mount it was because there are so many…….he suggested I take it to a larger chain of photography store????? I also contacted (albeit by phone) a couple of shops that sell second-hand photography equipment and emailed them some pics…but as yet not had a reply.

Wigwam…..thanks I have ordered a t-mount adapter for my 350d and will let you know. I had seen these adapters but didn’t realise they came apart. I have tried the bellows with the lens supplied (just holding the bellows too the camera body} and the lens is in good condition and, even though this is not the correct procedure, I am more very happy with the results.


The lens itself actually fits inside the bellows, so can only presume it’s the correct one for this set.
Thanks once again for your help and will keep you updated when my adapter comes.
Thanks again.

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