Help putting together my first show.

Discussion in 'General Shop Talk' started by happycamper, Jul 26, 2006.

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    I have been behind the camera for over 20 years.(cutting hair over 25 years and playing drums for 35 years) I shoot for me,but I am also for hire. Mostly portraits, glamour(I own a hair salon) and edgy nudes for gifts to their man. I live in a mid size small town in North Louisiana (bible belt for sure), but I have a ton of nudes, semi, art forms, some even Helmet Newton pushy stuff. I am not sure if i want to just drop the hammer and pull out the fineart (for whatever that's worth now), figure studies, and candid personal nudes for my very first show. It'll be all black and white,white mats, black frames. Do I tone it down or just go for it? Do I open to public or invite only? How many prints make a good show? I have been told by many and i also beleive for myself, that I make good photos. Real people with NO touch-ups, just raw capture and print what you see. So..
    any ideas for a scared photog with years behind the camera fighting the fear of showing for the first time?

    The floor is now open........................

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    Go for it.

    It probably depends on the show location as to whether it's public or not. Personally I don't have much use for private shows.

    If you include one more print than your best prints, that's too much.
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    Living in Snapshot reality.

    Are these of local residents? Are they released?

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