Help!!!! RAW Files are grainy when saved to JPEG


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Mar 28, 2012
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Los Angeles
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What was the shot data for the image? What ISO did you use?

Ok I shot in Manual mode shutter 1/400, f5.6. Yes I shot RAW + Jpeg. The jpegs are not grainy. I am uploading the jpeg so you can see the difference and another I shot in B&W.

OP never posted ISO or full EXIF info but to me it seems "obvious" that the noise here is related to both high ISO and underexposure. Not sure why 1/400 was used in the first place for this shot. You could have shot at 1/100, halved your ISO AND increased your exposure one stop - both of which would have resolved (or at least reduced) your problem. I'm guessing that maybe Tv/S mode was used set at 1/400 resulting in both underexposure and max ISO being used due to relatively dim lighting conditions.

Really too bad because that picture is a great capture otherwise.

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