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Help transferring photos to new pc?

matt chrome

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Jun 16, 2024
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I need to find all of my photos on my old pc (they are all over the place), and then transfer all non duplicates to a photo organizer/album on my new pc. Can anyone suggest an easy way to do this please?
Short of scripting something in something like Python, I can't think of any way other than go through each folder with File Manager. I'd use Python, but maybe create a couple new folders - one for images and one for other documents that you want to save. Do you have One Drive? If so, put the folders there. Then go through each folder and move the files to the appropriate target folder. You can rename the original folder and add something like "_chk" to the end of the name (checked) as you completeeach one. Not a fast way to do it, but it would work.

Once everything is moved to the temporary staging folders, move those to the new PC. This is where something like One Drive is handly. Just sign in from the new PC. Otherwise an external hard drive.

Don't worry about if a file is duplicated, or not. Move all of them and cull out duplicates after they are on the new PC (and being organized).
On a windows machine you can > Open File Explorer by clicking its taskbar icon or by pressing Win + E. > Next, click This PC on the left-hand side pane > Type kindpicture in File Explorer’s search bar and press Enter. Or you can search for specific file extensions by > Press Win + E to open File Explorer > Type ext:.fileformat in File Explorer’s search bar and replace “fileformat” with the image file format you’re looking for. For example, if you’re looking for JPG files, type ext:.JPG and then press Enter.

Several choices for transfers
1. If you have access to fast internet, upload to cloud storage then download to new computer

2. Use a USB data transfer cable Amazon.com

3. Share the drive on the old PC and transfer over wifi.
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A pc usually means either computer running windows or linux. If he were a linux user he wouldn't need to ask. And Mac/Apple users don't refer to their computers as pc's.

So If i'm right. There is a really super easy way of finding all your photographs since Windows Xp. In explorer. That is any window you use to discover files. Open up my pictures that is called a explorer window. On the top right there is a search option. If you don't see it. Like in windows xp. You need to enable it in "Control Panel". Instead of searching for the names of your images, just type in .jpg

If you know exactly what format your pictures are in the easier it will be to find them.

Also you can plug in your old hard drive into your motherboard (google it, pay some techy, have someone show you how) and access the hard drive. Then simply transfer the pictures to your new computer. TA da.

If the hard drive was your old system hard drive. You will find it easier to navigate the hard drive by going C drive, username, and whatever, my documents, my pictures, my videos, Desktop, Whatever.

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