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Jan 22, 2012
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I am new to photography and have a refurb D7000 on the way... I need someqthing to carry and protect it and the accessories.. So far I only have a Tamron 17-50 lens but will probably want a larger zoom fairly soon. I did a search on this forum and didn't get any hits.It seems that Lowe pro make good stuff and also I have read some good reviews of Ape cases. Any personal experiences ?

I am thinking to go with a medium size top loader rther than a backpack at this point... I want something easy to carry over the shoulder with enough room but no larger than really necessarry. a camera with lens and another lens.. Cleaning stuff , maybe an extra battery ... Enough for a day out and about kind of thing.Any thoughts? I get the cams next Thursday , can't wait... Reading lots of material and bought a book on the D7000 to read while I am waiting.

Do I Need a lot of room for a flash?
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Camera bags are a pretty personal choice. I'd suggest going into a camera store (or failing that, a box store like Best Buy) and have a look at what they have for camera bags.

I have several LowePro bags and I do recommend them as a brand. But it sounds like you might be happy with the typical 'lunch box' sized camera bag...and those are very easy to find from just about any company that makes camera bags.
Not sure about top loaders, but you need to buy a bag that is sized for what you are planning to put in it rather than what you have now to put in it. Over time I have had to upgrade to a larger bag several times because I made the mistake of buying for what I had onhand and not what I was planning to have.

About you question on carring flashes... This just depends on what you plan to do. I think you should have at least 1 flash in your bag that can be used for on-camera that is capable of Bounce Flash. If you are going to do OCF, then you will need more room or a separate bag.

I have all of this in my bag;
Nikon D3
Nikon D300 Gripped
Nikon 50mm F1.8D AF
Nikon 17-55mm F2.8 G ED
Nikon 24-70mm F2.8 G ED
Nikon 70-200mm F2.8 G ED VR II
SB-900 x3
PocketWizards x5
Plus some odds and ends...
Depending of what you want to spend I can highly recommend the Think Tank Retrospective 30.
yeah i'd also suggest to buy a bag bigger then what you have right now. chances are you will pick up a few things. and to be honest, if you want one to carry around for a day of photo fun. i backpack style may be a better option. with my backpack i can pull my camera out. slap the bag on and walk around with both hands free and no need to take it off or set it down or balance it on my shoulders. just hit up a few stores and just see whats out there. its one of thoe things were half a dozen people will all buy a diffrent one that suites them the best.
Depending of what you want to spend I can highly recommend the Think Tank Retrospective 30.

Can't go wrong with a Think Tank!
Wow thanks for al the quick replies.. Food for thought.. Maybe a backpack isn't a bad idea.. I am a cyclist and that would certainly be better if I wanted to take it along on a short ride. I will look into some of the suggestions and come back later today to discuss lol..Thanks a bunch. Maybe I can avoid buying twice thrice for once
Camera bags are like shoes. You don't usually just own one (pair). The best scenario is to have a few to choose from, so that you can pic the one that suits your needs for that day/outing.

I have a backpack, a couple cases and many top loader camera bags. I choose the one that I need for that day or that trip.
I decided to go with Http:// hold plenty of stuff and people seem to like them. Hopefully I won't think it's too big... Only thing it lacks is a tripod holder.. I have a friend who makes all his own bags for fishing hiking etc and can help me sew on some sort of attachment for tripod if I end up needing it.

Don't know why but I didn't cram the link and all together but when I submit they post it slams it all together... Sorry . Huh? At least the ink works lol
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I have a few different camera bags. A Lowepro Fastpack 350 which I use mostly for storage, but I do use it if i'm planning to take my big lenses and extra body out for hours. I like that it opens to the side like a sling bag so you don't have to take it off to get stuff out, but has two straps to distribute weight.

Lowepro - Fastpack 350

For days when all I want to do is snap some pics with a tiny kit (x100, Leica and a couple lenses, etc.) I have a domke F5b. It's pretty small though, too small for what you have. Domke F-5XB Shoulder/Belt Bag (Black): Camera & Photo

My favorite bag that I use all the friggin' time and will probably buy another when/if it wears out is the Domke F3x. It's not too big, but holds a lot of stuff.

Here's a pic of what I had in it when I was shooting the Long Beach Grand Prix last year. (although, one of those cameras was on my shoulder at all times)

Race Shooting Gear by bhop, on Flickr
I just bought a Lowepro Flipside 300. I looked at it in the store, plus read reviews and watched videos on it. I like the fact that when it is on your back, no one can get into it, minimizing the chance of your gear getting stolen; the zipper is on the back of the bag, the part that is against your back when you're wearing it. Right now I have my D90, 18-105 lens, 55-200 lens, 35mm prime lens, SB-600 flash, plus the camera charger, lens caps, and filters in the bag, and I still have room for more. So far, I love it, the backpack is very comfortable and easy to get into on the go. I didn't initially want a backpack either, my previous bag was a top loader, but it got to be too small and it was difficult to get things out of in a hurry. I'm so happy I decided to get a backpack.
It was between the flip side and the fastback for me... I decided I liked the idea of being able to fetch and replace the camera easily .. It will let me take more pics it won't be a hassle to get the camera out and likewise when done and just walking I can put it back etc
Snoggin, you can't go wrong with that purchase but like Mike said, you will own more than one. I currently own a Domke F-2, Tamrac Adventure 9 Backpack and a Think Tank Retrospective 30. I'm also looking to pick up a Tamrac Cyberpack 6 because the Adventure 9 backpack doesn't hold much equipment but does leave me space for an extra t-shirt, snacks, book, magazines etc etc.

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