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Feb 3, 2012
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Baltimore, MD
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Can anyone give me some tips on doing multiple exposures on a single frame with film?
I've got a Canon EOS Rebel K2 3000v and I'm shooting iso 400 with Kentmere right now.
I can't help with the Rebel too much.. don't know the body!

But I used to so some multiples back in the 80's with film. I would usually setup the initial shot... using a dark background (usually black canvas). I always used flash for these.... I would pop the initial shot. Move the subject.. pop the next shot... repeat. These were very simple to do this way....

Have also done some in Bulb mode in dark room with multiple flash exposures on the moving subject. I tried to calculate the light falloff from the flash to accurately expose the background with three or four flashes.

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