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Dec 2, 2007
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My son had his individual and team photos taken today. There were about 700 kids getting their pictures taken today. The photographer had his camera hooked up to his computer where his assistant would check each photo as it was shot. Other computers were hooked up where the orders were entered. What type of software is used for running such a system? I'm sure it's difficult to keep track of 700 different orders.
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If you have a Canon it may have come with Digital Photo Professional and EOS Utility, which can be used for this.
Im thinking of something along the lines of ExpressDigital Darkroom. I have it, and I have my camera hooked on to a monitor so when my captured image comes up for review, it displays on the monitor.Then My computer is hooked into this to place orders.
Several cameras have barcode software and record a barcode with the image. You scan the customer order with a barcode reader and it mates up thousands of orders.

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