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Dec 29, 2005
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hey guys
been trying to get php and mysql to work all day. its not workin very ****ed off with it all very stressed can any one help me befor i go bang please some one any one. its just not seting up once ive got it set up i should be ok any one want to tell me how to do it or do it for me i would be for ever great full cheers:hugs:
ok ive got a bit further now i just need to work out how to install my sql onto my server any help or pointers much apprecated
ive got that but that only installs it to the local computer and i need it to install to a remote server or have i got the worng end of the stick thanks for your help
ftp server up load.
what im running is dreamweaver , and a 1and1 windows webserver

thansk for you help
whardman said:
Is this what you have? If so then I think you can access the server using RDP, then install MYSQL from there.;jsessionid=888C89C4A91453512318D952E236F73D.TC33a?__frame=_top&__lf=Static

no this is the one that i have;jsessionid=5D960D8F18ECA23FA714EF16F8FCD011.TC31a?__frame=_top&__lf=Static

where im up to at the moment is
i have php on the server as well as phpmyadmin2.1.8 (not configured) on it
i have mysql 5.0 installed on my home computer
what i need to do i think is upload the database on to the server to finish configuring phpmyadmin.
i think once i have done this i should be alright but i have no idea

thanks for you help
I'm not sure it's possible with this one. That's why I built my own server that sits in my basement, COMPLETE CONTROL.:D I have a lousy upload speed though.:confused:

How did you install PHP?
well i ran the phpinfo.php file thingy
and its says that it was alreayd installed and phpmyadmin runs installed that by uploaded the files to the server and opening the config page and i have gone from there.
WTF?!?!?! Are you sure thats the one you have? It's Linux not Windows!! :confused: Definitely not 'Windows Powered'. :roll: Uhhh.... I'm no expert with Linux . Chase ... maybe you can help. I think he needs to install MYSQL. It can then be administered using phpmyadmin.

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