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Jul 25, 2014
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NW Florida
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Like lenscaps and other accessories, something seems to always go missing in someone's bag. For me, I seemed to have misplaced my wired Nikon shutter release. I am shooting a D810 and at the time I purchased this from Nikon, there was only one that would work with the D810 but for the life of me, I cannot find that ONE again, anywhere.

So, does anyone here have the same unit or a unit that works admirably well with the D810? I just need a name, model number etc. I only use it when I am shooting with the Big Stopper though I prefer a linger cable if available. I really don't want wireless or particularly need and intervoltometer but if there is one that works better than the Nikon and is reasonably priced, I would give it further consideration.

I just accepted the fact that I will lose things like this. Toward that end, I buy the cheap knock-offs off ebay...... in bulk. I bought 5 wired remotes last time.
Yep... what Sparky said. Look at Yongnuo. There's a nice one for ~$30 that has wired and wireless options and works flawlessly with all of my Nikon bodies.

This one!
Wired is the optimum word :) but thanks for the suggestions.
Nikon is just about ready, it looks like, with their MC-30A. The site says orders will start shipping Feb 5. I saw 65 bucks for it somewhere, but it's closer to 85 on Nikon's site.
I only take out of my bag what i need and put back what i dont need, everything has its own place so i'll know if something is missing just by looking at my open bag. Its something i learned during my time in the military, my superior punished the whole team if we lost anything, he said that it's better i punish you now than you being unprepared with your pants down facing enemy fire. it has stuck with me for all these years since and i've never lost even so much as a pin.

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